We've been using the stretch bands as an entire program now for quite some time and more extensively over the course of the last 3-4 years.  Since committing to using stretch bands program wide, we have noticed a drastic decrease in ankle and knee injuries in our athletes.  When we have had an injury (specifically and ankle sprain), using the bands properly in rehab has allowed many of our athletes to return to play with little or no taping required.  Athletes much prefer using bands for stretching over conventional stretching methods.  I would highly recommend use of the stretch band to any program and for any athlete.

Zach Kooker - Athletic Director, Central Christian School

Flex bands have played a significant role in our swim program at both the age group and high school levels. We incorporate band stretching in our workouts after a water warm up before we begin the intense part of our workouts and also have bands available during the workouts to stretch out any areas that become sore or tight.  I believe this is helping to keep shoulder injuries to a minimum in a sport that is grueling on shoulders. We also take the bands to all our swim meets for stretching before and in between events. Our top swimmers would not consider racing without stretching with the bands first. Our swim programs are very successful and flex bands have become a key element in our training, conditioning and injury prevention.


Coach Tammy Lyons - Orrville YMCA Swim Team, Orrville High School Swim Team


"Flexbands have been an integral part of Smith Dairy's wellness program for the past 2 years.  Bands are used for stretching, strength training and rehab.  Our associates enjoy the versatility, ease of use and the results they get from the bands."

Roger Hornstrom - Wellness Manager, Smith Dairy