Restorative Care

Relief of Pain

Most people have sprained or strained a joint at some time in their life whether it be an ankle, knee, low back, shoulder, etc.  Most everyone has iced that injury and taken a pill to relieve pain and swelling.  Some of the newer research suggests that throwing a pack of frozen peas on a sprained ankle for example, actually slows down the healing process, a case of treating the symptoms and not the underlying problem.  Research also suggests that increasing blood supply to a sprain or strain aides in healing and relief of pain.  When it comes to a sprain or strain, there is a better solution that even most doctors are unaware of.  We use a combination of compression, distraction and resistance to relieve swelling, increase blood flow and range of movement back into the joint of a sprain or strain.  Our methods are time tested and speed up recovery over the conventional "RICE" method.

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