Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is a popular topic, not by choice, but by necessity.  Rising health care costs are shrinking company profits and employee paychecks alike.  It's never been more important than today to take better care of ourselves.  Companies can help create a new culture of wellness and profit from it.  

"Entrepreneurs have a sense of the bottom line and providing wellness tools will help grow your company.  It shows your company is taking interest in employee's  health and well-being.  The average return is $3.50 for every dollar spent on a wellness program." Entrepreneur Magazine, January 2007.

Unfortunately, work place injuries are common not just in the warehouse but in the office station.  Low back and joint pain are common ailments that reduce productivity on the job and cost companies thousands.
Stretching and exercise is the key to reducing many of these injuries.  Companies of all sizes are choosing to improve flexibility using stretching stations in their wellness strategies.  These versatile "exer-stretching" stations allow even small companies a cost efficient way to reduce workers compensation claims and employee down time. 

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Corporate Wellness
Corporate Wellness