"Flex bands have played a significant role in our swim program at both the age group and high school levels." Read More

Established in 2002, Better Life Flex-n-Stretch is a premier on-site training and education company teaching injury prevention, maximum athletic performance and relief of pain from sprains and strains. Better Life Flex-n-Stretch has been fortunate to have been able to help individuals, companies and athletes all across the country.

Why Flex-n-Stretch

How would you like to relieve elbow pain without a pill or add six inches to your vertical jump.  Maybe you would like to see your company on the cutting edge of injury prevention and wellness or you would just like to get into better shape to keep those easy everyday tasks...  Easy!

Whether it be restoring or improving upon your physical well-being, we look forward to helping you add life to your years. 

Posted on 10.30.18
https://www.facebook.com/woostersalvationarmy/videos/1917151241927591/?t=0 Exercise can be fun. All you have to do is be a little creative! Try it sometime! Check out the above video!